In 1999, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Journalism and quit writing for 18 years. Life just started taking me down a different path. When my younger son was born with a rare genetic syndrome, I wasn’t able to start making sense of the unexpected turn my life had taken until I returned to writing. Writing about my family’s journey brought me peace that I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere and, thus, The Happiness Syndrome was created.

This blog centers around Holden, my spunky 1.5 year-old son who loves to dance and was born with Pfeiffer syndrome. In many ways, though, this blog is about my whole family’s journey with our littlest, medically complex member.

The other members of my family quartet are my husband, Sam and son, Everett. Sam works hard, plays hard and loves hard. Everett is an obstinate dinosaur-loving “threenager”. As for me, I am a mother of “advanced maternal age” who works full time and is an avid fan of reading, wine, beaches and Bon Jovi.  

I am sharing our story to increase awareness for children with physical differences. Elevating the level of kindness in my community is a high priority for me and I hope this blog will contribute to that objective.

I also hope this blog will reach families who are on similar journeys to ours. Having a child with complex medical needs can be very isolating. I decided to be very candid about my emotions in The Happiness Syndrome so other parents will know that they are not alone with their complicated feelings.

So, here is the tale of The Smith Family from Austin, Texas, featuring two exhausted, 40-something parents, one rambunctious little boy and one small cranio warrior. Thank you for taking the time to share in our adventure.